Galeria Handlowa Sky Tower

About the office block

Discover the opportunities given by SKY TOWER office block.
SKY TOWER office block is the tallest architectural complex in Poland (212 metres, 50 floors) which also includes a living area and a shopping mall. The office area is 28,500 square metres, the shopping mall is 25,000 square metres whereas the living area consists of 240 luxury apartments.
The complex together with the office block is located right in the heart of Wroclaw, in Krzyki district. It is situated close to the main route linking the south of the city with A4 motorway. Moreover, the office block lies in the vicinity of bus and tram  lines. The bus and railway stations are only 1.5 km away.
The office area is located in buildings B2 and B3. B2 building is the main tower of the SKY TOWER complex. Offices cover the area from floor number 4 to floor number 26. B3 building includes offices situated between floors number 5 and 10.
SKY TOWER office block provides its users with a lot of facilities: underground car park, monitoring, air-conditioning, fitness centre. The shopping mall being the part of the complex offers a wide range of stores, restaurants and cafes.
Such a number of advantages and cutting-edge solutions offered to hirers make SKY TOWER  office block a perfect place to do business at the highest level.